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12"x24" Poly Barn/Snow Scraper

10"x24" Poly  Barn Scraper. Metal Handle 

  Price $45.00 

14" Alloy Farrier Nipper Hoof Trimming Specialties brand
Alloy Steel 14" Farrier Nipper. Hoof Trimming Specialties brand.
  Price $66.00 

8 pcs. Farrier Tool Kit & Roll up Bag.
8 piece Farrier Hoof Trimming Kit/With farrier Bag.
  Price $102.95 

Cow Nippers

Hoof Trimming Specialties®

 Cow Nippers 


  Price $150.00 

Exchangeable Blade Hoof Knife Kit.
Exchangeable Blade Hoof Knife Kit.
  Price $14.95 

H.T.S. Narrow Blade Hoof Knife
H.T.S. Narrow Blade Hoof Knife Available in right or left hand.
H.T.S. Hoof Knives
  Price $12.95 

H.T.S. Right Hand Double edge Hoof knife
Hoof Trimming Specialties brand Double edge Hoof Knife. For use by Professional Hoof Trimmers, Veterinarians. Bovine and Equine.
  Price $13.95 

Hoof Trimming Specialties Dispensing Gun for Urethane Glue Cattle

HTS Dispensing gun for urethane glue cattle hoof blocks.



  Price $45.95 

HTS Carbon Steel Blade Hoof Knife
 Hoof Trimming Specialties hardened Carbon Steel Blade  Hoof Knife
Right Hand
  Price $16.50 

HTS Extra Narrow Blade (Right Hand)
Extra Narrow Blade Hoof Knife. RH
  Price $12.95 

MORA- Hoof Knife Right Hand
MORA of Sweden RH Hoof Knife.
  Price $11.95 

Wide Blade Hoof Knife: Hoof Trimming Specialties brand
Wide Blade Stainless Steel Professional Hoof Knife.
Hand choice
  Price $13.95